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403 stainless steel tubing has wide range of application in the market which includes various industries such as natural gas and oil, water transportation and many others. They are certified by hydrostatic pressure test, physical and chemical properties, which are generally used under supervision of own international quality tests. They follow all national and international quality tests. They are mainly used in drainage, erection, water supply, handling of coals, and many more. They have some commercial qualities which are arising in the manufacturing production of API or IS 3589 stainless steel grade tubes.

AISI Stainless Steel 403 Tubing is available in various shapes and sizes such as rectangular, round, square and many more. Their working capacity is about 100 K cbm and nominal sizes 1/8 NB with maximum diameter 114.3 mm and minimum diameter is about 19.05mm.

These types of stainless steel tubing’s are long lasting and also good in providing you a vast range of protection from corrosion and higher temperatures along with various environmental attacks. These tubes are in great demand in several industries such as boilers, super heaters, and many more.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 403 Tubing

403 stainless steel tubing Starts At Rs 150/Kg To Rs 200/Kg.

Yes, 403 stainless steel tubing is magnetic. 

403 stainless steel tubing is corrosion resistant in certain environments, but not all. In general, it is more resistant to corrosion than 304 stainless steel tubing, but it is still susceptible to rust and other forms of degradation when exposed to certain chemicals or weather conditions.

403 stainless steel is resistant to oxidation but can be prone to rust if not kept clean or exposed to corrosive environments. It is important to take the necessary precautions when handling and storing 403 stainless steel tube, such as regular cleaning and avoiding contact with moisture.

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