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Stainless Steel 403 Washer is an alloy with high-quality steel components, including 20-25% chromium, 2-3% manganese, 1.2%-1.6% silicon, and 0.15%-0.35% carbon. This chemical composition gives the stainless steel washer its excellent corrosion-resistant properties to make it suitable for various industrial, marine and automotive applications. Additionally, the 420 additive in 403 Stainless Steel Washer enhances the strength of this metal alloy. It contributes to the formability and ductility of the material to make it even more attractive for use in manufacturing operations where mechanical properties are essential.

Stainless Steel 403 Washer is a grade of steel known for its exceptional corrosion resistance. This washer has excellent strength and stability, making it popularly used in various engineering and construction projects worldwide. It can be found in industrial and commercial settings, such as power plants, water treatment facilities, heating and air conditioning units, and more. The SS washer 403 is also incredibly cost-effective due to its strong and durable nature, not to mention the tremendous amount of time saved compared to any maintenance needed with other materials. Furthermore, Stainless Steel 403 Washers boast anti-microbial properties, which help keep machines clean by ensuring bacteria cannot grow on them. All these factors make Stainless Steel 403 Washers an ideal choice for anyone who wants to use reliable materials for their engineering needs.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 403 Washer

Stainless steel 403 washers are most commonly used in the automotive industry due to their corrosion resistance and high strength properties. They are also popularly used in food processing, chemical processing, construction materials, and agriculture.

The weight of the stainless steel 403 washer depends on its size and thickness. Generally, a standard sized stainless steel washer will weigh between 2-4 ounces depending on the size.

No, stainless steel 403 alloy is not magnetically attracted, although it may have slightly magnetic properties due to its nickel content.

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