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Stainless Steel 405 is a grade of stainless steel commonly used in construction and engineering applications. An essential part of its composition is the chemical B16, which helps to strengthen the steel by increasing its temperature resistance. B16 also provides additional anti-corrosion properties, making stainless steel 405 more resistant to moisture and harsh environments like salt air or strong bases. Additionally, it helps increase the strength of the steel when exposed to high temperatures, allowing for use in higher-temperature settings. The presence of B16, therefore, makes stainless steel Screw 405 an ideal choice for many engineering projects.

Stainless Steel 405 Screws are small fasteners mainly used in the automotive sector, including engine and suspension builds. They offer excellent corrosion resistance characteristics and can withstand higher stresses – in certain conditions, even up to 1300 MPa. They are typically used for components exposed to potent cleaning agents, organic acids and other environments where high oxidation levels and stress may be present. The material also offers good formability and heat treatability, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring superior anti-corrosive properties.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 405 Screw

Stainless Steel 405 Screw Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

The Harmonized System Nomenclature (HSN) code for Stainless Steel 405 Screw is 7318.15.00.

Stainless Steel 405 screw is an environmentally friendly option when it comes to construction and other industrial projects. With its durability, the steel can be used in applications requiring longevity and strength. Additionally, the stainless steel will not degrade in quality due to weather or moisture, making sure that your project remains secure for a lifetime.

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