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If you are searching for the high strength washers for your industrial applications then you are at right place. Stainless Steel 405 Washer has the excellent features, which makes it, stands in various engineering works. These types of washers are suitable for the complicated and tough engineering works. These washers have the excellent surface finish, accurate dimensions, high-quality material, which makes it, best choice. It offers outstanding property of resistance to corrosiveness and pitting.  It gives performances at the extreme environments where other washers may fail. Various grades are available with different shapes and dimensions. Especially clients can order washers according to their requirements.


Advantages of Stainless Steel Washer

The major advantage if this washer is they are well tested and comes with accurate dimensions, which makes suitable for any type of fittings. CNC and advanced lathes are used in the production of Stainless Steel 405 Washers, which guaranteed the high surface finish, and precise dimensions of washers. Before the packing washers are check manually experienced workers and packed in the wooden boxes. So, none of the washers damaged while exporting. You find only quality washers reached you.

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