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Stainless steel easily exhausts tubing that is made up by 409 stainless steel material. Stainless steel is supplying high quality of 409 stainless steel pipes. We also call it as stainless steel exhaust tube. The reason is that it is excellent at high-temperature resistance. 409 stainless steel is titanium stabilized general purpose, chromium and ferritic steel whose main application is the automotive exhaust system. It is containing about 11% of chromium that is the minimum amount for passive surface film formation that gives corrosion resistance power to the steel. This grade pipe is of low costs, has good flexibility, high yield system that can be replaced. The grade pipe is environmental friendly material.

The sizes of 409 stainless steel pipes are 25.4mm to 101.6mm. The wall thickness of the pipe is 1.0mm to 3.0mm. The length available is customized. It is effective in bending and in expanding works.  The grade pipe is excellent resistance to corrosion and is suitable for extending the vehicle life and is light weighted. It is available in various forms like round, rectangular, oval, square, flat oval, decorative, triangle, hexagonal, fan-shaped, seamless, capillary etc.

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