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Do you know about Stainless Steel 409 Washer? It is a small tool which is being today used for industrial applications immensely. It is called a ferritic rolled coil stainless steel and has the better assimilation of corrosion as well as hat resistance. It is also known as Din 1.41512 washers and UNS S40900 washers along with a general chromium and nickel content which guarantees better rust resistance in fairly corrosive atmospheres. At the top, machining of this washer generates draggy and tough chips with heavy build-up.


 It is ductile and extremely light in weight. It can be made using mild roll forming pressing as well as bending methods. It is confirmed by various standards like ASTM, JIS, BS, DIN, IS and so on. The stability of these washers is offered by the availability of titanium, niobium and both in the mixture of steels. This is used in applications including farm equipment, structural support, catalytic converters, automotive exhaust systems, mufflers, furnace components, and so on. The size of the Stainless Steel 409 Washer is going above M 02 and the length is up to 3 mm.

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