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The pipes of 400 series are used widely in various engineering applications in various different no matter small, medium of big sized industries. The stainless steel pipes series of 400 is carbon alloy chromium, is the alloy of iron. It is excellently oxidation resistance at greater temperature. If you are seeking for the pipes of series 400 stainless steel or greatly resistance to steel materials, you must know that 410 stainless steel pipes are today popularly used and have become the best choice among its users. With the high strength of excellent quality, reasonable price, good value-added and sales after services have made it high in demands.

The standard specification of 410 stainless steel pipes is ASTM A312. The wall thickness of these grade pipes is 0.2mm to 10.0mm. The width of the pipe is 600mm minimum. The length of pipes is about 2000mm to 8000mm and also available as per the demand of clients. The surface finishes of the pipe are NO 1, No.4, 2B, BA, 8K, 6K, and hair line with PVC. For buying the right kind of pipes, it is necessary for you to clearly specify all about the desires of yours for applications. Let your seller knows clearly about your needs to ship pipes accordingly.

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