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Stainless steel 410S pipes are those steel products that contain low carbon, 12%chromium, and non-hardening stainless steel. The low carbon content and austenite make these pipes hard and easy to form in any shape and size. On the other hand, 410S is ductile and soft and help pipes to withstand extreme temperature easily. These pipes are used in various applications like petroleum refining, thermal processing, and gate valves. If we talk about pipe quality and standard, these pipes meet both national and international standards.  They have good oxidation resistance; can easily be used at a temperature of about 1300°F.

Heat treatment of stainless steel pipe

The alloy used in these stainless steel 410S pipes can easily be hardened through heat treatment. It is annealed at the temperature of 1600-1650°F and then cooled in order to relive the working stress. These pipes cover ASTM, ASME standards and specification. The size of these pipes varies from 1/2mm to 8mm and specialized in large diameter size. Moreover, the length of pipe is single random, cut length or double random. These pipes are available in different shapes, sizes as per customer’s requirement and order.

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