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Stainless Steel 414 Washer is known to be premium quality product and that is why; it has been used for industrial applications for last many years. However, it always comes with upgraded sizes, lengths, and designs as well. Also, it is now present in the economy in the wide assortment of sizes as well as lengths at leading rates. It is made using the best and high quality untreated materials and also through the modern technologies so that it can get perfect sizes and designs. The coating of pure silver color and even rust oil is applied to it so that it seems rust free and brittle over other grade washers.


The size of it is ranging from M02 and ends at M 33 whereas the length is above 3 mm and ends at 200 mm, so now you can collect it after seeing your particular needs. It is mostly used to deal with heat exchangers, condensers, chemical tools, pharmaceutical equipment, electrical, and so on. Stainless Steel 414 Washer is highly non corrosive as well as stable at the high range of temperatures.

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