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Do you know what stainless steel 416 bolts are? If not then here we have full description about it! It is martensitic stainless steel bolt which are manufactured using alloy containing nickel as well as chromium. This grade of bolts is used in corrosive environments. This steel gets hardened by heat treatment. It has good ability to resist corrosion as well as oxidants and in addition to this it possess high strength in tempered and hardened condition.


It is available in online market as well as offline market. You can get pickling as well as passivation finishing in the bolts. It has marking: torqbolt S41600.  And you can get the bar stock machined, cold forged or hot forged type of bolts easily in the market. There are various uses of these bolts in industrial areas and it is used electric motors, pumps, gears, washing machine components.


Before Stainless steel 416 hex bolts are sent to the market they undergo various processes like inspection, testing, labeling, etc. The packaging of this material is done in durable wooden cases or other material as per the customer’s requirements.

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