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Stainless steel 420 bolts are an alloy bolt which is martensitic stainless steel and it is the modification 410 alloy. Similar to 410 alloys, it has chromium 12 % and this gives better rust resistant property to the alloy bolt. Also this alloy has high carbon and this optimizes the hardening character as well as strength. You can find these bolts in various forms like the t- head bolts, hex head bolts, u- bolts, eye bolts, j bolts, and so on.


Customers pick up their choice of bolts of this grade and use it in various applications. The common name of this alloy 420 is stainless steel 420 and UNS is S42000 whereas it is specified as per ASTM A276. It has good resistance to hardened condition, food, acids and alkalies, etc. However corrosion resistance is comparatively lower in annealed situation. It works best with smooth surface finish.


A stainless steel 420 u bolts is used in knife blades, scissors, hand tools, surgical instruments, shear blades, cuttery, valves, etc. Now, that you know the specification and applications of these bolts you can buy it from any shop available and use it.

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