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Stainless steel 420 pipes are those steel products that are magnetic to both hardened and annealed conditions. It contains high carbon steel and other elements that offer high strength and corrosion resistance capability to these pipes. Moreover, grade 420 when added to these steel products it helps them to withstand in extreme environment easily. There are various features associated with these pipes such as corrosive resistance, mild in different temperature and many more. These stainless steel pipes offer application a good amount of ductility when the surface of these pipes is polished and hardened. There are various applications in which these pipes are used such as pump shafts, steel bass, and shear blades.

These Stainless steel 420 pipes cover national and international specifications including ASTM, ASME etc. These pipes are scheduled to various sections like SCH10, SCH40, and SCH30 etc. Sizes of these pipes varies from type to type says size of seamless pipe is ½ NB to 24NB whereas the size of welded pipe varies from ½ NB to 100NB. Its available length is single random, cut length or double random. You can get these pipes in a seamless form, welded form or fabricated form as per your requirement.

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