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Stainless Steel 420 Sheet

Stainless steel 420 sheets is a ferritic grade of stainless steel, containing about 13% chromium and a small amount of carbon. It provides excellent corrosion resistance, good toughness and strength properties, and very good weldability. Its composition includes C 0.15-0.25%, Si max 1%, Mn max 1%, P max 0.04%, S max 0.03%, Cr 12-14%. Depending on the application environment, nickel, Phosphorus, and other elements are present in trace amounts.


Stainless Steel 420 Sheet is a high-strength, low-alloy martensitic stainless steel with corrosion resistance similar to Type 410. It offers good ductility, toughness and strength in mild environments, which makes it ideal for many applications such as cutlery, medical instruments, fasteners, hose clamps and general industrial uses. Its low carbon content provides excellent weldability characteristics while reducing the hardening properties and making it easier to machine.

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