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Stainless steel 422 bolts are matensitic stainless steel and it is used widely for temperature up to 1,200?F. It has excellent property of creep rupture in range of 600-1200?F. it can be heat treated as well holds high strength. It is also good resistant to oxidation as well as scaling. All these features make this bolt highly suitable for the use in various applications. Now, let us see the specification of this product-


Stainless steel 422 bolts are manufactured as per JIS, ANSI, DIN 933 standards. It is available in the form like round, square, hex, and so on. These bolts are packed in the pallet, canton, carton, small boxes, etc. the surface of the bolt is coated with xylon, cadmium fastener, zinc fastener, etc. Also various testing and inspection method are conducted on this product.


Tests and inspection is conducted to check the quality of the material. Only high quality material is exported or supplied to the clients. And also this bolt is manufactured as per demands of the clients. Clients can specify the size and other qualities of the bolt before ordering it.

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