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Today the grade 422 stainless steel pipes have become popular and are used widely in numerous industrial applications. With respect to both international and national standard quality of raw materials, the pipes are offered in customized sizes, shapes, thickness, grade, specifications etc.  The pipes are offered also a market leading rates to the buyers.

Specification of these grade pips-

The dimension of pipes is API, AISI, ASTM, and ASME. The standard specification of the pipe is ASTM A 312. The available size of the pipe is OD 3 to 219mm. The length of pipe that is available is customizable. If we talk about wall thickness of it is 1mm to 35mm. The type of pipe available is bead removed, welded, EFW, semi-seamless, seamless, and ERW. The form of pipes that is found is hydraulic, round, square, strait, rectangular etc. Its ends are the beveled end and plain end.

The 422 stainless steel pipes are shipped all across the globe by doing the standard quality of packaging. It is necessary as it assures the high safety of the pipes while doing both national and international shipping. It passes through various channels and proper care needs to be taken up necessarily.

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