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Stainless Steel 422 Washer is said to be a martensitic and hardenable product. It is manufactured for service temperatures at 1200 degree F. this grade product is generally developed with high mechanical properties through heat treatment. Also, it is offering better scaling as well as oxidation resistance. It is used in typical applications such as blades in steam turbines, valve trim, high temperature bolting, and buckets in steam turbines as well as the valve. It does not compromise with its top notch quality and standards and that is why it is slowly becoming the first choice of many industrial sectors worldwide. It has the ability to overcome extreme weather conditions, as it is highly non corrosive and having tolerance property.


It is being sold out with custom built lengths as well as sizes so that the clients can meet their certain needs. This Stainless Steel 422 Washer is also provided with annealed and quenched conditions and readily machined. It is available in various types as well as forms – round, flat, hex, bright and so on. It is well-being product, because of it’s mentioned above features or properties.

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