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When it comes to strength and weight ratio, no other material can boast of the same as steel does. It is incredibly strong for a very light weight material (of course, comparatively). Now, building and structures make use of this very metal because of the numerous benefits that it offers to those that work with it. It does not bend under immense pressure and can withstand high temperatures too. This alone makes it one of the best compounds to work with. But technology has found a way to make it even better than before. With the use of specially crafted alloys, one has made many variants of steel that are now being used in everyday purposes all over the world.


One of such is the stainless steel 429 channels, being made by adding chromium to steel, it has unparalleled strength when it comes to being used in high rise apartments. Not just is the compound immune to high tension but does not yield under continuous exposure to steam too. Laboratories and testing units make use of it.

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