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Alloy 429 is martensitic stainless steel that is produced from an alloy that is containing nickel and chromium. These are used widely for highly corrosive environments. The certification of it is as dual certification as per ASME and ASTM codes. Stainless steel 429 stud bolts fully free from radioactive contamination and from mercury. The producers of it are producing bolts using high quality of raw substances, latest tools and modern technology that result in better outcome. Though the item is produced in well-equipped industry but still the producers are welcoming stage wise inspections that are done by the expert representative.



To assure that the product is produced of high-quality various testing is done. The testing is like positive material identification test, pitting resistance test, ultrasonic test, flattening test, dye penetrant test, eddy current test, hydrostatic test, radiography test etc. The suppliers of Stainless steel 429 stud bolts well understands how essential is for you in packaging the product.  The item is thoroughly packed to save it from any kind of damages while shipping. The product is packed in wooden crates/pallets/boxes etc. Just buy those at affordable price in bulk.

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