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Stainless Steel 429 Washer is mostly used by the engineers it is well known for its strength and capability of standing in the corrosive environment. With high surface finish and precise dimensions it is most used washers in industrial purpose. While this washers gives the outstanding results in heavy application use. These are available in different grades and dimensions so that they used in various applications. Customers can order special dimension washers as per their requirements. These washers are come with varying lengths so it will be fitted in every bolt.


How to check the quality of washers for engineering purpose?

All of the washers under go with the strict quality test. It is manufactured according to quality standards such as ASTM, DIN, and BS.  Trained workers are engage in the production of washers so there are negligible chances in the false production. Production is done by the tested raw materials which are checked manually. Stainless Steel 429 Washer is packed in the wooden boxes so there is none of chances in any damage at the time of exporting. You must buy these washers for enhancing the quality of your assembly.

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