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Stainless steel 430 bolts is straight chromium, ferritic, non hardenable grade. It offers good corrosion resistance; also it can resist the nitric acid attacks. These bolts are high strength bolts and it is used in various application of engineering, shipbuilding, construction, offshore, oil field, etc. Stainless steel 430 stud bolts holds superior quality as well as high performance in corrosive environment.


Specifications of stainless steel 430 bolts are as follows-

 It is manufactured as per the ASTM, ASME OR A/SA 193 standards. It is available in length ranging from 3mm- 200 mm while the size ranges from M02-M33.  This bolt is available in market in various shapes some of which are hex machine bolt, timber bolts, hanger bolts, step bolts, hex flange bolts, and heavy hex bolts and so on. All of these bolts are available in affordable price range. One can buy it easily from the market and get it within 7-10 days.


Make sure you check the details of Stainless steel 430 hex bolts and then buy them from the market. You can ask manufacturer to product testing certificates along with products. This will help you determine quality of the material.

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