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We know that 430 grade is non-hardenable steel that is containing straight chromium. It also belongs to steels ferritic group. The steel is well known for its formability, excellent corrosion resistance and is coupled with the practical mechanical properties. The capacity of opposing nitric corrosive assault that allows the utilization of a specific compound application. The specification of 430 stainless steel pipes is DIN 1.4016 and UNS ASTE/ASTM S43000. The standard specification of the pipe is JIS, GB, DIN, AISI, BS, ASTM, EN, and ASME.

The type of 430 stainless steel pipes is seamless CDW, seamless, fabricated, ERW and welded. The outer diameter size in seamless is ½”NB-18” NB, welded /ERW is 1”NB-16” NB and EFW is 8” NB-110”NB.  The forms of pipes are hydraulic, round, U-shape, square and rectangular. The wall thickness is SCH10 to SCH160. The length of pipe is 1m to 12.5m, single/double random and customizable. The ends are treaded, the plain and beveled end. The delivery conditions of these pipes are stress relieved, cold draw, rolled, tempered, annealed, hardened and formed. The coating of pipes are passivated, electropolish, satin finish and mechanical polish.

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