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Stainless steel 430 washer is non-hardenable, ferritic, straight chromium, combining better rust resistance and formability attributes with usable mechanical properties. It is capable to oppose nitric acid attack which allows its usage in particular chemical applications. But appliance and automotive trim components show its huge fields of application.  This grade washer is available with readily machined and used in automatic screw machines. Moreover, is molybdenum addition enhances rust resistance. It is being now a day used for lashing wire, linings for dish washers, stove trim rings, fasteners, chimney liners, and so on. It is extremely reliable as well as durable washers.


430 washers can be purchased in different lengths as well as sizes, in accordance with your needs and the size of the project. The Stainless steel 430 washer is also sent in the approved labs for testing well and also making sure its optimal quality and no faults. This washer is tested according to the set of industrial norms. After completing its testing, it is wrapped up in wooden boxes as well as plastic to shield from outside dirt, rust, and unconditional damages.

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