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The stainless steel 430F bolts are a non-hardenable grade, ferritic, straight chromium, and good formability characteristics bolt with high corrosion resistance. They have an outstanding capacity to resist nitric acid that allows, making use of it in various chemical applications. It is basically a free machining grade version that is available in the form of a bar machine screwing. The molybdenum bearing version of bolt contains different properties that help to resist corrosion. The properties of the stainless 430F bolt are specified depending on its use.


Due to high corrosion resistant strength, they are highly polished and can withstand buffed condition and tough environment. They also contain high-stress corrosion cracking with all ferritic standards and grades. Like other grades, they are also creviced corrosion in contrast to non-machining equivalents.


The solution annealing, sub-critical annealing and thermal treatment enable the manufacturer to check the thickness and cooling of the bolt under heat treatments. The welding of the bolt must withstand temperature up to 150-200? C.


A typical stainless steel 430F bolt has a different size as that of the other stainless steel bolt type. Buy the bolt from a trusted manufacturer and check all the relevant details and specifications.

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