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430F stainless steel stud bolts are some of the most reliable components to build with. Composed of 18.0–20.0% chromium and 0.75–1.50% nickel, this type of stainless steel provides superior corrosion-resistant properties and an extremely low-magnetic permeability on top of its hard structural integrity as a fastener. 430F stud bolts can endure long-term exposure to heat up to 1,400° F and remain solid and reliable; some grades are even approved for cryogenic temperatures as low as -423° F! Achieving both strength and resistance in one versatile material, 430F stainless steel stud bolts continue to be builders' go-to choice for complete construction projects requiring the utmost reliability.

430f stainless steel stud bolts have several desirable properties, including resisting corrosion even in saline or other harsh environments. It is non-magnetic and holds up to temperature fluctuations well. Stainless steel 430f stud bolts are solid to handle heavy load capacities for structural applications. They also have good weathering resistance and strength at elevated temperatures, making them a popular choice for industrial systems that must endure extreme heat cycles over a long period. 430f stainless steel stud bolts are also great for jobs where appearance matters, with their superior formability and glossy finish adding an aesthetic touch to whatever it's used on.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 430F Stud Bolts

The standard sizes for Grade 430F stainless steel stud bolts include ½", ¾", ⅞" and 1". The threads are typically UNC (Unified National Coarse) or UNF (Unified National Fine). The length of the stud bolt can also range from 1-3/4″ to 24″ depending on the application.

Grade 430F stainless steel stud bolts are commonly used for fastening in structural applications and for food processing equipment. They offer good corrosion resistance and strength, making them ideal for use in various industries such as marine, construction, and aerospace.

  • ASTM A314
  • ASTM A473
  • ASTM A581
  • ASTM A582
  • ASTM A895
  • DIN 1.4104
  • AFTER Z 10 CF 17
  • UNI x 10 CRS 17
  • JIS SUS 430
  • SS 2383
  • MIL-SPEC MIL-S-862
  • SAE 51430F
  • SAE J405 (51430F)

Price is based on various factors, in general, it starts from INR 100/piece to INR 450/piece

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