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Stainless steel 430f washers have been carefully formulated with the combination of several components to create the ideal balance for strong, reliable performance within a vast array of industrial applications. This material contains an estimated 18% chromium, 1% manganese, 0.2%-0.3% phosphorus, and sulfur content; additionally, nickel can be added from 0%-1.50%, depending upon the desired characteristics and application needs. By creating such a balanced composition for these washers, users obtain many advantageous properties such as high tensile strength and fatigue resistance -critical qualities in production parts that undergo a considerable amount of stress during assembly or daily operation.

430f SS washer is a great choice for many appliance hardware needs. It is rust-resistant due to its high chromium content, with the added benefit of being corrosion-resistant even in wet environments. SS washer 430f can withstand extreme temperatures, making it useful in settings such as food processing and aerospace applications. 430f stainless steel washer also offers good formability and weldability, making it suitable for a range of complex designs. Overall, 430f stainless steel washers are strong yet lightweight choices for projects requiring a temperature and corrosion resistive material.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 430F Washer

430F stainless steel is a ferritic stainless steel that has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. It has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and is often used in annealed conditions.

As ferritic stainless steel, 430F is magnetic. It contains a high percentage of iron, making it magnetic. In fact, all stainless steels are slightly magnetic due to the presence of iron in their chemical makeup. However, some grades of stainless steel are more magnetic than others due to their microstructure and the amount of ferrite or austenite they contain. Ferritic stainless steels, like 430F, tend to be more magnetic than austenitic stainless steels, which have a higher percentage of austenite and are generally non-magnetic.

Price is based on the various factors, in general, it starts from INR 400/piece to INR 430/piece

  • Tensile strength: 480 MPa (70 ksi)
  • Yield strength: 275 MPa (40 ksi)
  • Elongation: 22%
  • Hardness: Rockwell B 70
  • Modulus of elasticity: 193 GPa (28 x 106 psi)

  • ASTM A314
  • ASTM A473
  • ASTM A581
  • ASTM A582
  • ASTM A895
  • DIN 1.4104
  • AFNOR Z 10 CCRS7
  • UNI x 10 CrS 17
  • JIS SUS 430
  • SS 2383
  • MIL-SPEC MIL-S-862
  • SAE 51430F
  • SAE J405 (51430F)

A washer made from 430F stainless steel would be made primarily from the elements listed in the previous response. In addition to these elements, the washer may also contain small amounts of other elements as impurities, depending on the manufacturing process and the specific grade of 430F stainless steel used.

It's worth noting that a washer is a simple mechanical component that is typically made from a flat piece of metal with a hole in the middle. The purpose of a washer is to distribute a load of a fastener, such as a bolt or a screw, over a larger area, provide a smooth surface for the fastener to bear against, and prevent damage to the surface being fastened. In the case of a 430F stainless steel washer, the primary function of the washer would be to provide corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, due to the properties of the 430F stainless steel material.

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