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The stainless steel 431 bolts are widely used and are in great demand because of fair corrosion resistance, improved toughness, wear resistance capability, controlled mechanical properties and high hardness with strength. Due to these positive properties, many of the manufacturers and suppliers provide these bolts to clients with utmost quality and durability. If you too wish to buy these 431 stainless bolts then look at its specifications and types so as to know more about the product.


They are available in M3 to M48 size with length as per the requirement of the client. Some of the grades of it are ASTM 194, ASTM 193, B8T (SS347), B8 (304)  and A193 b8t 347. The durability and toughness are checked through specific heat treatments and toughness tests. The bolt may be Hex, round, square or threaded as per the requirement of the client. They are made excellent with appropriate chemical compositions and mechanical properties.


Stainless steel 431 hex bolt is available in different sizes and shapes with cut lengths and finishing. You can buy the product from the online stores and before you buy, check for the desired specifications and details.

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