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One of the largest areas of application of engineering is in the marine sector. There are countless human operations that have been going on in the region to make for a more comfortable living for the people. And thus, it becomes necessary that we take to the use the best material available at our disposal to address it. Being in the marine sector means that the metal would be constantly exposed to water and the biggest risk is that of contracting rust. Rust, as you all know is the death of metal. For once it starts to eat into a portion, the integrity of the entire structure is compromised.


So thus was introduced the use of stainless steel 431 channels. They are not only rust resistant but also quite easy to be made into marine applications. It can stay in or under water for as long as the user desires and still not succumb to the corrosive effect of water. A lot many expeditions have been mounted on the basis of the infallibility of steel.

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