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Stainless Steel 431 Flanges

Stainless Steel 431 is a martensitic stainless steel alloy with improved corrosion resistance compared to carbon steel. It features good heat and oxidation resistance and excellent toughness properties at both low and elevated temperatures. Its composition includes chromium (16-18%), nickel (0.75%), molybdenum (1%) and nitrogen, with minor elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, manganese and titanium making up the remaining balance of the material's chemistry. All these components contribute to its superior performance characteristics when subjected to harsh environments.

Stainless Steel 431 Flanges are primarily used in petrochemical and oil and gas industries due to their high corrosion resistance, excellent tensile strength, and strong thermal conductivity. These flanges can also be used in nuclear reactors due to their superior damage tolerance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, they feature good formability for machinable parts that don't require welding, making them extremely versatile for various needs.

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