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Stainless steel 434 type is used widely and it is ferritic stainless steel which is non hardenable. In this alloy the molybdenum is added which makes it more resistant to corrosion as well as to the attacks of many deicing chemicals, it combines oxidation resistance as well as good heat up to temperature 1500?F.  Due to the large number of feature offered by this alloy, stainless steel 434 bolts are used in various applications.


Some of the used are in furnace combustion chambers, range hoods, dishwashes, gas burners, flatware, oil refinery equipments, nitric acids plant equipments, etc. it is available in finished like the hot rolled annealed, cold rolling, right annealed, etc. This grade of alloy cannot be hardened by the heat treatment. For more details about this grade and bolts you can go through its specification.


Stainless steel 434 eye bolts are manufactured as per national and international standards. The UNS number of this material is S43400. To make use of these stainless steel 434 bolts you need to go through its features, applications and conditions of use. These bolts are available in various size and shapes you can buy.

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