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434 stainless steel plate is an alloy with a remarkable combination of ferrite and martensite - two disparate materials that form a superior metal product. It’s composed primarily of chromium, with an ample concentration of manganese and small amounts of molybdenum and nitrogen. This combination offers high levels of flexure while also containing maximum corrosion resistance. And thanks to its low carbon content, the 434 stainless steel plate is virtually immune to sensitization, making it incredibly durable in high temperatures.

434 SS plate is a high-alloy ferritic grade of stainless steel, which combines good wear and corrosion resistance with good formability, weldability, and constructive strength. It has many uses, including making sinks and cutlery for the food industry, brewing equipment, exhaust systems, and fasteners where parts require good corrosion resistance. Due to its high chromium content, this steel is highly corrosion-resistant in many environments and extremely resistant to oxidation when heated. 434-grade stainless steel is strong and ductile, allowing items such as drum shells to be fashioned from it. This combination of properties makes 434 stainless steel plates a versatile material that can resist most chemicals today.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 434 Plates

Yes, 434 Stainless Steel plate is heat resistant and can be used for applications that require high temperatures.

Yes, 434 Stainless Steel plate is considered a good quality material due to its high durability, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance.

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