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The stainless steel 436 bolt is straight chromium, ferritic non-hardenable grade with good formability and corrosion resistance properties. The bolts have the capability to undergo drastic and dangerous environment without getting damaged or disturbed, that’s why there are widely used in industries. The properties and characteristics made it highly eligible to withstand in all largest application fields. They are like the other alloy bolts, available in different sizes and shapes. Hex, round, threaded are some of the common shape used in industries.


A typical 436 stainless steel bolt is issued in ASTM A193 with specified forging details. The good resistant properties enable the bolt to survive in buffed conditions and including organic acids and nitric acids. It also has to survive treatment such as solution annealing, sub-critical annealing, and hardening treatment. The manufacturer check for the embrittlement and water quench with a cooling effect, if they find no fault the product regarded as passed or checked the product.


The product is certificated by the ISO which means it has the desired quality and can do its job correctly without any disturbance. So, check for the details and then buy the bolt of appropriate properties and strength.

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