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Stainless Steel 436 nuts are composed primarily of iron and chromium, with smaller amounts of carbon. Additionally, up to 3% Nickel is often included as an alloying element to enhance the nut material's corrosion-resistance properties and overall strength. Such nuts are designed for use in food-service applications, boilers, steam service, industrial piping systems and other applications that require durability. Having proven strength at elevated temperatures and outstanding resistance to chlorides, acids, and other caustic chemicals make these nuts a go-to choice in many products, from pipes and pressure vessels to chemical process equipment. The high level of elements making up SS 436 Nuts makes them a reliable product at various temperatures and under constricting environments.

436 Stainless Steel Nuts offer numerous benefits for various large and small projects. Superior corrosion resistance is one of the most significant properties stainless steel offers, making it the optimal choice for applications exposed to harsh elements and environments. Additionally, these nuts are highly pitting resistant, making them well-suited for long durability in extreme conditions. Their strength increases in elevated temperatures, making them useful for high-temperature applications like automotive parts and machinery components. Meticulously machined with excellent dimensional characteristics, these robust steel fasteners offer reliable performance even in demanding situations.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 436 Nuts

Stainless steel 436 nuts are available in various sizes, from M2 to M24 in diameter. The exact size will depend on the application, as smaller nuts can be used for light-load applications, while larger ones offer additional strength and stability when carrying heavier loads.

Stainless steel 436 nuts are typically used in lightweight applications such as furniture and household appliances, but they have also been known to provide superior corrosion resistance and strength in more demanding environments like chemical refineries and marine engineering.

Stainless Steel 436 Nuts Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 16/Piece

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