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If you are going to purchase washers for your engineering purpose or house hold use, consider Stainless Steel 436 Washers. You can find these washers that give the best outcomes in the engineering field.  Because of excellent resistant property of corrosiveness makes it more popular among the engineers. It is suitable for the most typical environments. It stands in those situations where any other washers deform.  Mostly in long term use you can use these washers. These are faithful means they able bear more loads excessive then it’s FOS.  For different cross section and dimensions washers are available in different grades and metric dimensions. Clients may order especial dimensions for their personal requirements.


Specifications of Stainless Steel Washers

Stainless Steel 436 Washers are durable and trustful engineering nuts. These are manufactured with 100% pure and tested materials. ASTM, DIN, BS are basic standards inspected during the production. With advanced methods and technologies production of washers are precise and accurate. Unlike other washers these are not twist are deform against loads. Dispatch and packaging are done in the supervision of experts.  You buy these washers for exceptional assemblies for your industrial applications.

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