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When it comes to having the best of tools, you need the very best of metals to forge it from. Now this case too presents the very same challenges that are faced in others. The biggest one of which is that of rust. The tools fashioned out of iron fall short in their practicality because when they are exposed to moist air they fall prey to rust and slowly wither away. This limits their applicability to very controlled environments. On the other hand, equipment fashioned out of stainless steel 440 channels will not have any such problem. As they are fashioned out of steel, they are rust resistant and can be put into use even in moist and humid conditions.


Being in the service and support industry requires that you are constantly on the move and have your toolkit with you. If not done so then you might just fall short on the job at hand for want of better tools. Even in professional circles, steel is the only metal that is used to fashion tools out of.

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