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Stainless steel type 440 A is the martensitic stainless steel. It can be heated up to RC 56, also it shows good toughness when undergoes heat treatment. It is moderately resistant to corrosion in annealed condition due to which it is suitable for mild environments. But the stainless steel 440 A bolts are not meant for use in elevated temperatures. This grade bolts are used for various purposes and have application- dental as well as surgical instruments, valve parts, pivot pins, cutlery, and so on.


Forging 440A stainless steel

The steel in hot working works like high speed tool. It can be preheated to 1400-1500?F and then slowly to 1900-2200?F. Make sure not to forge it below the temperature 1700?F. reheating is necessary. Cool the steel in warm lime or the ashes. Annealing can be done after forging. To avoid cracking in alloy it is to be handled carefully.


This alloy has slight Cold working while annealing is done between the temperatures 1550-1600? F. hardening is by bringing material to temperature 1400? F slowly and then soaking it on temperature 1850?F.

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