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The stainless steel 440B bolt is a martensitic stainless steel which is hardenable and is a modified version of alloy 440.  In order to provide the highest level of corrosion properties, it is combined with 12% chromium. The bolt has a good ductility that is capable of providing highest possible hardness. They are not welded and the corrosion resistant properties are lower than austenitic grade which is used for various applications. They are highly useful at sub-zero temperature and some of the elevated temperatures.


They are heat resistant and can withstand temperature up to 1202? or 650? C. The hardening characteristic enables the bolts to work in the cold or minor temperatures without being cracked. Some of the grades are 303, 304L, 316, 330, 410, 420,430 and 17-7PH.


You can buy the stainless steel 440B hex bolt from the online manufacturing and supplying sites which provides their customer with utmost quality and durability. But before you buy to make sure you know what kind of bolt with appropriate properties you wish to buy. This will let you buy the finest and good quality bolt at an affordable price. So, check the details and get the desired bolt grade today!

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