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Stainless Steel 440B Washer is designed for bearing the high strength loads at extreme temperatures.  It is most engineered washer and offers more features compare to another washers. Any other type of washers fail an aqueous environment but these washers give best results. These washers give excellent performances in the most corrosive environments.  They do not corrode in chemical applications. ASTM, DIN, BS are some common standards of these washers.  Many grades are available so that you can use it any fittings. You can order the special type of shapes and dimensions according to your needs.


Advantages of Stainless Steel Washer

Cost these washers are affordable with great quality. Materials are tested before the manufacturing of washers so there is none of chances mixing impurity in washers.  Lathes and advance CNC are used in the production of Stainless Steel 440B Washers. It gives high surface finish and accurate fittings. Packing is done in the wooden boxes so that washers do not damage at time of deliveries. These washers are awesome in cheap prices and give excellent performances in long term purpose.

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