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High alloy steels are the stainless steel and they have high resistance to corrosion unlike other steels because of the presence of chromium content in large amount. On the basis of its crystalline structure, it is divided into ferritic, austenitic as well as martensitic steel. Grade 440 C is high carbon martensitic steel. It has high strength, good hardness, wear resistance and moderate resistance to corrosion. Also it is capable of achieving high strength wear resistance and hardness after the heat treatment.


All these features of stainless steel 440 C bolts make it suitable for use in various applications. Some of the applications are rolling element bearing, surgical instruments, valve seats, chisels, etc. if you use this material above the specified temperatures than this will reduce the mechanical properties of the material by over tempering. Other than bolts you can find nuts, screws, etc of this grade.


Various forms of this product include heavy hex bolts, t head bolts, wedge anchor bolts, and carriage bolts and so on. You will get these bolts in the market at very affordable rates easily.

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