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In this context, you will get to know everything about Stainless Steel 440C Stud bolts because it may be the need of your industrial applications. Well, this grade stud bolts are made using the high quality as well as approved raw materials. One can install this product to connect water pipelines together as well. This is the high demand of many industrial sectors these days. We can’t neglect or even forget to mention its features here. Just because of its features, it becomes the high-end product in the stock and as compared to others. You can even use it for a long time without maintaining or giving it extra care.


Stainless Steel 440C Stud Bolts are available in different sizes such as ¼ to 2 NB, and so on. Next, its length that is from 3mm – 200mm as well. It is capable of tolerating high temperature and sturdy under water circumstances. It is placed under diverse finishing treatment so that it can be a double durable than before. Such as matt finish, no 4 finishes, bright or gray or black polished etc are its finishing.

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