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Stainless Steel 440C Washer is ranking high in durability and quality and also in stern adherence to the requirements of the patrons. Skilled experts’ workforce guarantees that this grade washer is ideal for use in industrial applications. This is also in compliance with all international quality standards. It is being used from marine applications to industrial applications now a day. This means, its usage is extensive and carrying the features such as highly corrosion resistant, high tensile strength, durable, sturdy construction. Not only this, it is now provided to the honorable and conventional patrons with custom built options. The patrons can pick up it from suppliers according to their suitability and needs.


What’s next? Stainless Steel 440C Washer has different specifications like ASTM, BS as well as IS. The length of it starts from 3 mm and ends at 200 mm, while size is from M 012 – M 33. It is available in various sorts like tab washers, special washers, bonded sealing washer, flat washer, counter sunk finishing washer, and many others. It can be collected at affordable rates as well.

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