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440C stainless steel washers are popular for automotive and tooling applications due to their high strength and superior corrosion resistance. They are composed of 17-19% chromium, 0.75-2% carbon, 1% manganese, 13-15% nickel, 1% molybdenum, 0.2-0.4% silicon, 0.04-0.095% phosphorus, and 0.03 deposits of sulfur and nitrogen. This unique combination affords 440C stainless steel washers the ability to stand up to extreme temperature variations while providing exceptional surface finishes when needed and resisting corrosion even in brutal outdoor conditions like salt air or water submersion. The result is the highest quality materials used in modern engineering - perfect for just about any application where precision is required!

440c stainless steel washers are highly versatile components that have a wide range of uses. They are non-corrosive, wear-resistant, and heat-treatable, which makes them ideal for many industrial applications. 440c washers also create a secure fastening joint between two surfaces due to their hardness and ability to resist deformation. Stainless steel 440c is also biocompatible, making it useful for medical implants or instruments. 440c washers also make efficient heat exchangers due to their high-temperature tolerance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good strength-to-weight ratio. 440c SS washers can come in many forms, sizes, and shapes, such as flat washers, spring washers, and lock washers, to provide firm fastening solutions wherever needed.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 440C Washer

440C stainless steel washers are typically used for applications where good corrosion resistance and excellent strength are required. Examples of applications include medical equipment, aerospace components, valves, pumps and automotive parts.

440C stainless steel washers offer many advantages over other materials due to their superior strength and corrosion resistance properties. They also have a high hardness level and good formability characteristics, making them an ideal choice for many applications.

The density of 440C stainless steel washers is 7.75 g/cm3.

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