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Stainless Steel 444 pipes it is a dual stabilized ferritic steel that contains the molybdenum up to 2%. These pipes contain the low carbon. Moreover, the amount of the low nitrogen ferritic stainless is of 18% chromium, this amount of properties increases it ductility, resistance to sensitization and toughness when it gets the weld. Somehow the properties of this material make good for thermal conductivity.  Today these alloys are being used in so many different food processing.

Specifications that makes it strong and tough for heavy work:

The size in which this pipe is available it start from 1/8 to 30 NB IN, beside this pipes are available in the large diameter size. On the other hand, its length is single, double and cut random etc. it forms are square, round, hydraulic and rectangle etc. choices somehow depend on the need. Further, if we talk about the uses of these pipes, then it’s mainly used in the big industries like in gases industries, power industries, chemical industries and so on. Stainless Steel 444 pipes uses are wide that’s why it is being produced in the Country in large quantity.

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