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Are you going to buy the stainless steel 446 bolts? If yes, then before you buy them know some details related to this product. This grade of stainless steel is austenitic and undergoes the transforms into a low-carbon martensitic structure while it cools to room temperature. These bolts provide good resistance against high temperature and sulfur bearing atmosphere. Let us take a look at the specifications now-


Specification is as per ASME SA 193, ASTM A 193. Also, it is manufactured according to international standards and ASTM, BS, DIN. The length of the bolts may vary from 3mm to 200mm while the size may vary from M3-M56 or can be customized as per demands. The different types of bolts of this grade include square bolts, eye bolts, u bolts hex head bolts, counter Sunk bolt, etc.


The stainless steel 446 eye bolts are used in petrochemical, gas processing, chemical equipments, offshore drilling. Various tests are applied while manufacturing of this grade bolts some of which are hardening test, chemical analysis, and micro and macro test and finally after testing the inspection and packing of the product takes place.

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