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The stainless steel 446 channels are ferritic and the non-heatable steel which offers the best resistance to the higher temperature corrosion and oxidation. The machinability of this channel can be done at slow speed with the sharp tooling, rigid mounts and positive feeds surfaces. They can also be welded easily by using traditional methods except the oxyacetylene Welding. The differences in the coefficient of weld metal and base thermal expansion must be taken in the consideration.


Hot working, forging and welding

The forging of stainless steel 446 channels starts at around 1149 degree C and gets completed at around 871 degree C. this last ten percent of the forging must be performed below the 871 degree C for gaining the grain refinement as well as the room temperature of embrittlement. Hot working of this stainless steel can be performed between 1093 to 1177 degree C ranges. This last 10% of the hot working need to be performed below down 871 degree C for gaining the grain refinement. This is more difficult for the cold work as compared to other stainless steel due to chromium content.

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