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Stainless Steel 446 Screw is made of ferritic stainless steel alloy. It consists of an iron-chromium aluminium alloy with a small amount of structurally necessary molybdenum added to its composition. This combination of elements makes it a perfect option for applications in corrosive environments, as the combination provides outstanding resistance to oxidation and superior corrosion resistance, even in extreme temperatures. In addition to its durability attributes, Stainless Steel 446 Screw offers excellent fabricating characteristics and machining capabilities with good ductility, making it ideal for welding and other shaping processes.

446 Stainless Steel screws have many uses due to their properties. This grade of stainless steel offers outstanding resistance to oxidation and corrosion, even in harsh industrial environments. It has excellent mechanical properties and high creep strength up to 940°C while remaining ductile at very low temperatures. Beyond this, it is also one of the few sheets of steel that can be used in both high and low-temperature applications with good results, making it an ideal choice for applications ranging from cryogenic up to around 980°C. Additionally, Stainless Steel 446 screws are suitable for use in food production environments as they are free from contaminants that could transfer into products or irritate people with allergies.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 446 Screw

The harmonized system numerical code (HSN Code) for stainless steel 446 screws is 7318.1400.

Stainless Steel 446 Screw Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 14/Piece

The best type of welding for stainless steel 446 screws is shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). This process has proven effective and efficient when securing stainless steel components together while providing high corrosion resistance levels in harsh environments.

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