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Generally, it is said that before buying any industrial related product you should know about that whether it is Stainless Steel 446 Stud Bolts or any other product. By the way, in this article, we tried to exhibit some features as well as properties of 446 stud bolts because it is said to be one of the great help or need of many industries now a day. Using this product one can easily connect one water pipeline to another without any problem. This means we can say that it plays the important role to keep connected one part to another.


It is used for applications such as chemical process equipment, knife blades, shear blades, oil field, off shore, and so on. Well, this grade stud bolt is available in various lengths and sizes- 3mm o 200mm and M 02 to M 02. Now, comes to its finishing, that is done over it in following ways- roughly machined, matt finish, rust oil, and so on. Other than this, it is well tested and certified product by the skilled experts. Stainless Steel 446 Stud Bolts can be also purchased with good packaging as it keeps the bolts safe from outside damages and rusting.

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