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Do you know what Stainless Steel 446 Washer actually is? If no, then read this piece of article till the end. This is the washer that is used to tighten up one object to another one together and for more purposes. It is chiefly used for industrial applications like condensers, the gas refinery, chemical processing tools, pulp or paper industry, heat exchangers, and more. the features, it has available now such as high tensile strength, highly rust proof, wear resistance, durable, reliable, and so on. It is constant at high temperature to low temperature and it has tremendous construction. It doesn’t need extra maintenance and care for the last many years as well.


Stainless Steel 446 Washer size is from M 02 to M 33 as well as the length is from 3 mm – 200 mm. it meets up specifications are given here like BS, IS and ASTM. It is supplied to many industries around the world. You can also get in custom built alternatives from the manufacturers at the best possible rates. It can be used under water atmospheres greatly and without any trouble.

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