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DIN 1.4311

Since elevated temperature valves are optimized with regard to ultimate strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures, Stainless Steel DIN 1.4311 Valves resistance to deformation and corrosion is satisfactory. These valves are designed to operate in acidic environments such as chlorides, sulfides, and other harsh acids.  The SS grade has some amount of molybdenum that forms a protective layer that resists oxide layers. In reducing environment, when this layer not formability of corrosion resistance will maintain the performance of valves.


With its austenitic nature, it becomes magnetic in nature too. It is a high carbon content variant that is identical to other grades. Manufacturing of these valves should be done only with the latest machines and tools that are dedicated to SS grades. The working surface is thoroughly cleaned while applications. Moreover, annealing process performed for hardening of valves also it is quenched with water moderately. Stainless Steel DIN 1.4311 Valves comes with additional safety of industrial coats that prevent from rusting in adverse environments.


Manufacturers offer SS valves in various standards, specifications and designations one can buy as per their needs.

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