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DIN 1.4373

Stainless Steel DIN 1.4373 channels offer various features that can be used in different engineering application. It has the exceptional property of resisting corrosion in most extreme environments. These channels have the great affinity of formability so these can be ideal for the fabrication process. These are easily constructed into the different complicated structure in very low machining cost.  Channels are capable to bears heavy fluctuating loads with opposing buckle and crushing. These are formed in strip and sheet shapes, manufactured in desired dimensions and all these can be customized into customer requirements.


Specifications of stainless steel channels


ASTM A240, A666 is the standard considered while manufacturing these channels. UNS 20200 is the material grade of these category channels. Stainless Steel DIN 1.4373 channels are manufactured with the help of advanced machinery so these posses’ great surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Manufacturers only use high-quality materials and manufactured channels are treated by the annealing process for extra hardening. These channels are finished with matte, BA, bright black polish which protected them from rusting. These are packed in wooden pallets for the safety of channels. You can buy these channels for efficient engineering application.

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