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Stainless Steel ER16-8-2 Filler Wire is primarily used for welding nominally 18 per cent Cr-8 per cent Ni austenitic stainless steel types 308H, 316H, and 321/347 with carbon contents ranging from 0.04-0.10 per cent for high pressure, high-temperature piping systems. A gas-shielded, flux-cored, stainless steel 16-8-2 Filler Wire is composed of 15.5% chromium, 8.5% nickel and 1.5% molybdenum. Owing to the lean composition and controlled ferrite content, the SS ER16-8-2 Welding Wire also shows useful cryogenic toughness down to -196°C (-320 degrees F). ER16-8-2 Welding Wire has a controlled composition, optimized for performance in structural service at temperatures up to about 800 degrees C.


ER16-8-2 Filler Wire is not generally used for corrosion resisting applications but for high-temperature applications where good thermal embrittlement resistance and creep strength are required. Stainless Steel ER16-8-2 Welding Wire is well suited for applications like catalytic crackers (cat crackers), cyclones, transfer lines, furnace parts, thick wall steam piping, superheater headers, some gas and steam turbine components used in petrochemical, chemical process plants and in power generation industries.


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