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Stainless Steel ER19-10H Filler Wire is used for welding nominally 18% Cr - 8% Ni austenitic stainless steel base materials with carbon less than or equal to 0.04%. Stainless Steel ER19-10H Welding Wire is not used for corrosion resisting applications but for high-temperature applications where good oxidation resistance and creep strength are required. ER19-10H Welding Wires have high temperature resistant up to 700 degrees C (1292 degrees F) and Scale resistant up to 800 degrees C (1472 degrees F). ER 19-10 Filler Wires is used for coating and bonding applications on similar tough/high-temperature resistant steels / cast steel grades.


Typical applications of SS ER19-10H Filler Wire include catalytic crackers (cat crackers), cyclones, transfer lines, furnace parts, thick wall steam piping, superheater headers, some gas and steam turbine components used in petrochemical, chemical process plants and in power generation industries.


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